JANUARY 28, 2015 · 5:41 PM

Hurt Before Birth

“Hurt Before the Birth” Interesting article from the New York Times Wellness section from May 2014 by Jane E. Brody


JANUARY 15, 2015 · 9:20 PM

Massachusetts healthcare ranked fourth worst for hospital readmissions

Massachusetts does not have the best healthcare for the average patient, it is one of the worst. Don’t let your loved one be discharged just to be readmitted someplace else because the hospital doesn’t want your loved one.

“Massachusetts ranks fourth-worst for hospital readmissions” by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald, January 13, 2015


JANUARY 15, 2015 · 7:49 PM

Medical errors in Massachusetts still common

Interesting article published in the Boston Globe about how many Massachusetts residents are touched by medical malpractice and what the most frequent types of malpractice are in the Commonwealth.

“Medical errors in Mass. still common, study finds.” by Kay Lazar, Boston Globe, December 2, 2014