Attorney Halström’s experience covers a wide variety of issues in the legal arena. Clients who have been injured in a construction accident, been denied workers compensation, been injured by a faulty product, or who have fallen victim to other cases of negligence or unlawful behavior may be eligible for compensation. Remember, many cases can be time-sensitive, so it is always important to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Auto Lemon Law

In the state of Massachusetts, the law protects consumers who have purchased defective vehicles. A “lemon” is defined as a new or leased automobile that has a serious defect that impairs a vehicle’s performance or safety or decreases its market value.

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Airline crashes, though uncommon, can be catastrophic when they occur. Civilian death and injury resulting from such tragedies are usually on a much higher level than that of other accidents.Aviation lawsuits are usually filed as wrongful death cases on behalf of passenger victims.

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Brain injury

Attorney Halström represents victims of brain injuries in Massachusetts. A brain injury occurs when a victim suffers head trauma that results in damage to the tissue and blood vessels of the brain. Often this damage results in physical and cognitive impairment that can leave the victim with lifelong complications.

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Construction Accident Law

A construction accident is any accident that occurs on a building site. Construction sites are inherently dangerous because they require employees to work from high positions and with hazardous materials. Since there is already an assumed risk, it is the responsibility of the construction company or property owner to take necessary precautions to prevent a construction accident.

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Medical Malpractice

Patients have the right to assume that the care and comfort they receive from medical providers will be proper and safe. In most cases, physicians and medical staff do uphold their end of this relationship. Sometimes, though, medical providers fall short. In such cases, they may be guilty of medical malpractice.Boston attorney Frederic Halström has extensive experience in litigating medical malpractice cases; he won the largest-ever paid medical malpractice verdict in Massachusetts.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

With populations steadily climbing in metropolitan areas, the number of drivers on the road continues to increase. Overcrowded roads, frustrated drivers, alcohol, and distractions like cell phones and loud music all lead to increased dangers for motorists. It is no surprise that automobile accidents occur daily.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury law, though broad in the variety of cases it includes, has one goal – to protect and compensate victims who have been injured by another’s action or negligent inaction. Most personal injury lawsuits seek damages for victims who have been physically or mentally injured, or whose property has been damaged or lost.

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Product Liability

Consumers who properly use products for their intended use have the right to expect that those products are safe and will work properly. When the product fails to work properly, resulting in the harm of the user, the manufacturer or retailer may be liable. In such cases, the consumer may be eligible to file a claim of product liability.

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Workers Compensation Law

Federal aid is available to injured workers in Massachusetts. Workers Compensation laws are designed to provide financial assistance to employees who are hurt or disabled while working. These laws are also designed to assist the families of employees who are killed while performing work-related duties.

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