thank-you-515514_1280My daughter was born with a rare genetic disease in the second year of our visit to the United States. During the prenatal care, my wife was never given adequate and correct genetic counseling and never offered the proper test to identify my daughter’s problem. My daughter’s birth with this disease was a huge shock to me and my wife. Far away from our home country and all of our other family members, we knew nothing about my daughter’s disease and faced the huge challenge of caring for such a disabled child, with almost no friends here, we were helpless and hopeless. We found Mr. Halstrom by chance when I searched online for legal help. He took our case when we first met. From that time on, Mr. Halstrom and the staff of Halstrom Law Offices have been not only providing all essential professional legal help for us, but also have been acting as our very reliable friends. They have been compassionate, confidential, and very respectful. They handled every single detail; collected everything essential for the case. They provided interpreters all the time for helping us understand all the details of the case; they respected every single questions we had and answered very patiently.

Mr. Halstrom has been absolutely precise and professional, and he handled our case expertly and ferociously. We were protected from language games and tactics of the defense lawyers. In the end, the defense settled the case for $7 million. Mr. Halstrom helped us set up a trust for my daughter with the settlement money; this will completely change her life care. It is unfortunate to have doctors never inform you or offer essential testing to see if your child has any disease. We can’t change the nature of our daughter’s disease, but thanks to Mr. Halstrom’s help, her care will change dramatically.

As foreigners, we feel cared for and loved as family members by Mr. Halstrom and his office staff. Every holiday, we have received flowers and gifts from Mr.Halstrom and his office. Mr. Halstrom continues to show his compassion through these small acknowledgments. He has been one of our very reliable friends. Mr. Halstrom and his staff have been and continue to be a blessing to my family. — Father of genetically disable child.


My husband’s PCP failed to diagnose my husband’s lung cancer. When it was finally discovered, the cancer was advanced and considered stage IV and terminal.

We found Attorney Halstrom through a mutual acquaintance. From the moment his office accepted our case, Attorney Halstrom and his staff worked diligently on mine and my husband’s case. He was compassionate throughout the entire process. Attorney Halstrom’s diligence and willingness to help us had our case completed within the 18 months after we first met with him, and settled at mediation 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trial, allowing my husband the peace of mind that we (me and our children) would be taken care of.

Attorney Halstrom and all his staff were true professionals and we knew we were in the hands of experts! — wife of man whose physician failed to diagnose lung cancer.


My son Jacob was born 4.5 weeks early. Though he had serious signs of distress a c-section was delayed for 16 hours until his heart stopped. When Jacob was revived, his prognosis was severe brain damage. His lifetime care expenses would be astronomical.

Fred took our case while Jacob was still in the NICU. From the first day the staff of Halstrom Law Offices and Fred Halstrom has been compassionate, confidential, and respectful. Mr. Halstrom has been completely precise, professional, and he litigated our case expertly and with ferociousness. I was glad he was on our side.

Halstrom Law Offices handled every detail from evidence collection to trial. My husband and I were protected from the sometimes downright dirty tactics of the doctor’s insurance lawyers. This freed us to concentrate on Jacob’s care.

In the end, the doctors and nurses settled the case for $6 million, but Mr. Halstrom’s assistance did not end there.

Jacob’s long-term care including his finances continued to be handled by Halstrom Law Offices. Every Mother’s Day I have received flowers from Fred’s office, and every Christmas we receive a live poinsetta. Mr. Halstrom continues to show his compassion through these small acknowledgments.

Mr. Halstrom and his staff have been and continue to be a blessing to my family. — Mother of birth injured child.


I came to Halstrom Law offices recently on the recommendation of my family attorney after my husband’s unexpected death. I had opportunity to work with Fred Halstrom who listened to my concerns, determined that I had a case and guided me to a resolution that allowed me to find closure. Attorney Fred Halstrom and his office staff are professional, caring, compassionate individuals whose ultimate goal is to do the very best to get satisfaction for their clients. I highly recommend Halstrom Law offices.